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Press / Accomplishments

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2019 Nation of Neighbors Empowerment Grant Awarded in the City of Tracy

Certificate of Recognition

Grace to Administrate will revolutionize how you lead others into excellence through servanthood. 

apostle vera e. speed

City Researchers Int'l. Ministries, Oakland, CA

pastor/prophet Michael dalton

YES Ministries International, Thousand Palms, CA


Forever Free & Coaching for Empowerment, Atlanta, GA

Cert. of Congressional Recognition

Cert. of Congressional Recognition

U.S. Board of Representatives

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

Mountain House Community Services

Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition

City of Tracy & San Joaquin County

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This book by Dr. Chess pulls out of us wrong thinking, pours into us right alignment, and puts us into defined roles of Kingdom advancement that lets the Body take territory without taking casualties along the way.

Dr. Chess has indeed shed much light for so many people who do not acknowledge this gift... This book will prove to be a very beneficial tool in employing the gift of the Administrator in the Body Christ and beyond. 

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