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How Can the Church Advance God's Kingdom on Earth?

Every successful organization must have people and systems set in place in order to effectively fulfill its mission.  This is no different for the Church; and the only way it can equip, perfect, serve, and edify the Body of Christ in its entirety is to properly understand and utilize the Gift of Administration.

In her book, Grace to Administrate, Dr. Cynthia L. Chess expounds upon the meaning of this gift, its purpose, and how to gracefully and effectively operate in it. The Gift of Administration has gone unnoticed and unrecognized for far too long, even though it is one of the primary governing gifts.  

If you are a five-fold ministry gift, someone who wants to fulfill their call, a believer seeking greater understanding, or a leader who wants to effectively teach on the gifts of the Spirit, journey through the pages of this book to be empowered and receive the action steps you need for Kingdom advancement here on earth!

If you are intrigued and would like to purchase this book, click the link below. 

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